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With increase of output and and extend of range of manufactured goods by  ZAO OKB Zenith , the need to create service department arose.

Tasks of the customer service department: 

  • expanding the range of customers by providing services in supply of equipment and service support at well completion;
  • improving the quality and adjusting the equipment according to the specific conditions of the Customer due to additional information when using the equipment under field conditions;
  • activation of the equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications;
  • expanding the range of products.

Customer Service Department of ZAO OKB Zenith was organized in 2004

Given the increasing demand for service quality and efficiency when working with the customer a branch was registered in Surgut. A storage warehouse of finished products, the site for the works to assemble and revise the equipment as well as office were established

Branch ensures the delivery of equipment to the well, and the return of reusable equipment (if necessary) to the base for routine maintenance.

The peculiar features of the service department of ZAO OKB Zenith is an individual approach to every client, responsiveness, availability of equipment in warehouses.

Service engineers have extensive experience in the completion of wells.The value of this experience is in the fact that the service engineer is not confined to working with a single customer and has the ability to work in different regions with different companies.

At present, the service department put the task to expand the range of services provided and to organise work in other regions of the country.