The company AO OKB Zenith is ready to offer services in overhaul and restoration of gearboxes for heavy mining machinery.
Beginning of work in this direction was the cooperation of our organization with OAO SUEK-Krasnoyarsk commissioned which was restored planetary gear winches lifting of a ladle for career EKG-08US.
The excavator is one-screener, a full-circle electric machine on tracks, work equipment which is «direct mechanical shovel». This type excavators designed to develop and loading as minerals and overburden rocks in open cast mining.
Made winch, bucket includes planetary gear weighing 18800 kg with a ratio of 25,7 and frequency of drum rotation - 29,96 rpm
At the first stage, specialists of AO OKB Zenith a comprehensive analysis of defective items gear and prepared's own design to-кументация of their production.

After that in production reducer elements arrived: gear wheels, satellites, wheel central, bearings, gear wreaths, torsion. Assembly and tests of a ready reducer took place with involvement of our partner - Krasmashzavod JSC.

Winch installation on the excavator, connection with a ladle, connection of the electric motor under the leadership of designers "the experimental design bureau the Zenith" in common with specialists of Borodinsky coal mine also was carried out.

The integrated approach to capital restoration of reduktorny mechanisms gives the chance to our company to guarantee to the customer term of operation of a product, comparable with service life of the new mechanism. On this reducer we provided a guarantee of work of 3000 hours

The work beginning – September, 2012 – the termination August, 2013.

Term of production of completing 8 month