Since 2007, the company AO OKB Zenith together with OAO Surgutneftegaz , the program of import substitution, according to the technical task , the beginning of the design, the development of prototypes, the full-scale testing of spare parts, units and aggregates for special machines designed for drilling of sidetracks. The result of the programme was the development of serial production of the equipment, do not yield to its technical characteristics import analogues and allows the сustomers to reduce operating costs, due to lower cost and shorter delivery times.
An example of such equipment - axis of the front, middle and rear axles of lifting devices. At the stage of design studies were conducted conditions of exploitation of, selection of materials, manufacturing of pre-production models, the aim of which was to check the accuracy of manufacturing of mating parts and testing of programs for CNC machine tools.


Further prototypes of half shafts for carrying out natural tests were made. Before sending to the сustomer the complex of production tests about confirmation of durability of a design, accuracy of production and other important parameters was carried out. Natural, trial runs showed high operational characteristics for a long time uses. Now contracts with the сustomer on regular deliveries of this equipment are signed.