Cooperation agreement AO OKB Zenith and the Canadian division of the company Aker Solutions, Aker Process Systems Division of Aker Solutions Oilfield Services Canada Inc was signed on may 2, 2011. Aker Solutions is recognized worldwide as the manufacturer of equipment for the preparation and processing of oil and gas , including heavy oil and associated gas. The Russian oil-extracting companies since 2001 buy the various equipment

The purpose of the joint project Aker Solutions and AO OKB Zenith - the organization of production and supply of modern modular equipment for oil and gas (including utilization and processing of associated gas) and cleaning and preparation of produced water in the amount of 300 to 500 million us$ per year.

The project implementation allows the use of advanced technological experience and potential of one of the best in the industry company Aker Solutions for integration of Russian enterprises in the international industrial cooperation, organization of production equipment, competitive in the Russian and foreign markets.

Production of the equipment developed on the basis of the advanced foreign technologies, allows to use and increase the capacity of the hi-tech Russian enterprises and to create new modern workplaces in Krasnoyarsk.

Operators of oil and gas fields, receiving the hi-tech equipment of the Russian production, save at the expense of reduction of transportation costs and customs taxes in comparison with acquisition of the similar equipment at foreign producers.






The project provides supply of equipment:

• for new projects of development of fields of Eastern Siberia (Vankorsky, Yurubcheno-Takhomsky, Kuyubinsky, Sobinsky, Kovykta, Verkhnechensky, Talakansky, Chayadinsky, etc.);

• for the mastered fields in the territory of Russia;

• for fields in the territory of the third countries.

Aker Solutions provides overall technical guidance, calculates and develops under requirements of the Customer of the design-technological and design documentation, provide parts, renders assistance in organization of the process of manufacture, control the quality of manufactured equipment and performed works, participates in joint promotion of products on the market, including through the joint development of marketing strategy and coordination of efforts sales.

 AO OKB Zenith and OAO Krasmashzavod, responsible for products promotion on the Russian market, on the basis of technical documentation Aker Process Systems develop a working design-technological documentation, organize manufacturing, assembly and tests of the equipment, developing operational documentation, provide all the necessary time for decisive documents, carry out installation supervision and commissioning.

Cooperation of  AO OKB Zenith  and Aker Process Systems began from participation in the project on arrangement of the sea platform of the name of Vladimir Filanovskogo.

Object of works: construction of a sea platform on a field of the name of Vladimir Filanovskogo in the Caspian Sea.

Customer: "Lukoil"

The General contractor of the field development: OAO Globalstroy-Engineering

The subcontractor is responsible for providing the entire line of technological equipment for cleaning and preparation of oil: Aker Process Systems A Division of Aker Solutions Oilfield Services Canada Inc.

Technological equipment: includes 2 line cleaning and preparation of oil consisting of identical mirror-oriented capacities of the following purpose:
• 2 capacity of the First stage of separation» oil
• 2 capacity «Second-stage separation» oil
• 2 capacity «of the Third stage separation» oil
• 2 Electrostatic dehydrator
• 2 Electrostatic desalter
• 2 Buffer tanks

Subcontractor company Aker Process Systems: AO OKB Zenith

The responsibility zone of AO OKB Zenith: Manufacturing half of process equipment, namely - 2 capacity «Second-stage separation» oil, 2 of the capacity of the Third stage separation» oil, 2 Buffer tanks

Equipment delivery time: during 2013-2014.

AO OKB Zenith purpose: development of the new markets with a new type of the equipment and services for oil and gas sector.

Project Manager at AO OKB Zenith - Sergei Loginov.