Designed to plug the open hole permanently, and to isolate formation water.


Key Features

·  Ideal solution for problems of cement plugs movement in horizontal holes

·  Making use of casing packer ballooned by cement slurries allows to seal the casing annulus securely

·  Over-injected cement slurries go above the casing packer improving its grip

·  Cement filling eliminates effect of temperature and pressure changes on the inflated sealing ring of the packer

·  Hydraulic disconnection—no handling of the drill string is required for installation or disconnection

·  Emergency disconnection by counterclockwise rotation of the drill string, if required

·  Clear and reliable disconnection—when hydraulic disconnector is activated, the applied pressure is released


3.5" Well Abandonment Unit consists of

·  Shoe ZHB

·  Connector ZHB

·  Check valve with trap ZHBА

·  Landing collar ZHB

·  Drift casing packer

* – outside the scope of supply

·  Hydraulic disconnector ZHB

·  Drill pipe dart ZHB

·  Pressurizing plug ZHB