Based on the geographical location of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, given the production and transportation infrastructure, the company Aker Solutions and ZAO "OKB Zenith", together with "Krasmash" decided to organize the manufacture of high-tech equipment for the preparation of oil and gas.

AKER Solutions - the largest international engineering company specializing primarily in the oil and gas industry.

Aker Solution produces development, design and manufacture of integrated modular systems for dehydration and desalting of crude oil, which give commercial oil with salt content in the oil and water content of the oil according to the customer's request. Such plants are successfully operating not only in the fields, but also in refineries.

Completed more than 100 projects worldwide.

 Present on the stock market in Oslo, Norway.
 About 22,000 employees and 8,000 contractors in 30 countries.
 Majority owners - Aker, the Norwegian Government.
Headquartered in Oslo, Norway.
 Revenue in 2010 amounted to 8.6 billion USD

Technology for oil Aker Solution:

The proposed flow-sheet-desalting and dehydration in one combined vessel as follows:

For comparison, here is a classic scheme without combining vessels (Two-stage desalting):

Advantages of using the combined technology of the vessel:

The design of the dehydrator:

Technology Benefits Aker Solution: