1 . Serves for pressure maintenance in tanks, carries out a role of respiratory and safety fittings.

2 . The hydraulic valve which is filled with difficult evaporating, uncrystallizable, not being polymerized and nonfreezing liquid is applied.

3 . Respiratory valves not freezing.

4 . On the tanks equipped with respiratory valves, safety valves of equivalent capacity are installed. Respiratory and safety valves are installed on independent branch pipes.

5. Material of the seals (shutters) pontoons and floating roofs selected taking into consideration the properties of stored product and meets the requirements of regulated project: durability, frost resistance, heat resistance, permeability pairs stored product, Flammability.

6. The kit is equipped shared with gas equalizing line with discharge through a hydraulic seal to atmosphere through a "candle" with "small" breathes of storage and filling of the reservoirs.

7. Candle to reset vapour gas-and-oil products is located outside the levees or perimeter wall at a distance of not less than 5 m from the leeward side with respect to buildings and constructions of gas storage facilities (tank farms), not directly related to the reservoir Park. The candle's height is not less than 30 m