Production Service department in ZAO OKB Zenith was created in 2002.Its creation was due to the increase of orders placed in the Company for design of new products and the need to produce them .

At first the production service department the process of production services was aimed at co-operation with the most technological enterprises of Russia and foreign countries.

In 2002.Plant FSUE "Krasnoyarsk Machine- building plant" started functioning as a production base for the Company.Joint efforts were aimed at design, producing parts, assemblies of suspended equipment and telemetry systems.Due to the fact that design developments required high precision , and the number of new orders increased it was decided to cooperate with such companies as FSUE NPP "Motor" from Ufa and FSUE MMPP "Salut", Moscow.

At a certain stage of development of an industrial enterprises a need to have their own production capacities arises. After a careful study of the issue in early 2008 it was decided to purchase a company which had experience in preparation of production in machine building.A subsidiary of ZAO OKB Zenith OOO Zenith Technoform was started on the basis of this company.The old team always ready to perform complex production problems.was kept at starting the subsidiary.

Currently the Company have developed many kinds of production and technology required for manufacturing products of high quality and reliability:

  • coordinate boring;
  • coordinate grinding;
  • CNC milling;
  • CNC turning.

Production base of ZAO OKB Zenith allows to produce the following products:

  • downhole equipment; 
  • telemetry;
  • equipment for oil and gas fields; 
  • Tools and equipment;
  • non-standard equipment;
  • equipment for the aviation industry.

 High quality of products is confirmed by the following documents

  • Certificates of conformity for products
  • Permission to use the products
  • ISO certification

Planning the manufacturing process is based on an introduced licensed automated production management system.  

The total area of production site is 13 647.6 sq.m. 

The total number of production department is 300 people.

Purchasing of new and modernization of available equipment, as well as the unique technologies of production create the need for continuous training and retraining of workers. 80% of the total number of workers have the highest lranks .Every year Management and specialists of the company are trained in refresher courses.

Much attention is paid to workplace safety and health care of the employees.The company carries out the regulatory requirements in health care, industrial safety and environmental protection.

A huge role in the production plays av concern for safe working conditions. To this end, regular medical examinations are held and workplaces are certified.Besides, within corporate program workers can visit finess centers: swimming pool and gym.