In Nizhnevartovsk, the production and storage base of AO OKB Zenit is opening as one of the stages in the implementation of the company's development strategy. Tail equipment from Krasnoyarsk will be brought here, as well as to the Surgut branch. On the base, they will prepare liner arrangements for shipment to the oilfields, where shank descent operations will be carried out. This base will be simultaneously a representative office of AO OKB Zenit  in Nizhnevartovsk.

The workshop where the liner layouts will be prepared for shipment to the fields is warm. Four gates 5 mx 4 5 m. Crane - beam 3 2 tons. Water heating of the workshop (there are two electric boilers, one works constantly, the second is turned on at a temperature of minus 30º C). The area of ​​the workshop is 1116.9 m. The height is 7.3 meters.

The base contains all engineering communications and office premises necessary for reliable and uninterrupted operation of the facility.

The base is located on the 10th kilometer of the Samotlor road.

Property location: