Billet department 

  1. Cutting sheet metal with guillotine shears:
    • steel up to 20 mm, a width of up to 3000mm
    • aluminum up to 30 mm, a width of 3000mm
  2. Cutting of rolled metal and forgings for band saw machines:
    • Round up d.450mm
    • rectangular up to 450x650.


  • Quenching
  • annealing
  • vacation
  • cementation of parts up to 1000 mm long, weighing up to 100kg

Machining process  

  1. Lathe equipment:
    • universal machine-39ÅÄ.: d.500x1200, d.600x2500, d.800x1500
    • CNC turret-1 unit. F40 max
    • CNC Lathe - 8ed. d.400x1000, d.600x2200
  2. Milling equipment:
    • universal machine-23ed. 700x1500x600
    • CNC Milling - 6ed. 700x1500x600, 1000x2500x1000
  3. Coordinate boring:
    • Vertical boring-6ed 600x800x600
    • horizontal boring-2 units 1000x1600x1000
  4. Coordinate grinding-3SG: $ 2 ... 100; treatment area 350x600
  5. Grinding Equipment:
    • Surface-16ed. 600x1500x500
    • cylindrical grinding-8ed. d.200x2000, d. 2 ... 150x800
    • intragrinding-7ed. d. 2 ... 200x400
  6. Erosion equipment:
    • erosional-sinking machines 3SG treatment area 500x700x600
    • erosional cut-machines-3SG treatment area 350x500x300
  7. Welding-8ed. :
    • e done. arc welding of steel products with thickness up to 10mm, dimensions up to 2000x2000x6000
    • performed by argon-arc welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to 20mm thick, size up 1000x2000x3000
  8. The manufacture and assembly of products and total defense purposes, hydraulic, pneumatic testing the strength and integrity, ultrasonic testing of metals, dye penetrant.


The laboratory is designed to test the pulsers of a mud pulse telemetry systems. The laboratory is equipped with test-benches, which were developed and by specialists of AO OKB ZENITH. Test-benches allow to carry out a full range of pulser testing.
A spacious, well-equipped premises allows training of service engineers working with the MWD Telemetry System