The main purpose of the senior management of ZAO OKB Zenith , including its subsidiary ZAO OKB Zenith is to win leading positions in the market of specialized equipment due to study and fulfilment of requirements and meeting expectations of customers, continuously to improve product quality and all areas of activity of the organization

In order to achieve the main goal senior management of  ZAO OKB Zenith have set the following tasks:

  • Develop and implement a quality management system that meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008, to ensure its continuous improvement
  • Build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and all interested organizations and individuals
  • Apply modern methods of management in activities presented in the form of interconnected processes.
  • Ensure stable economic growth of the organization by creating new and improving existing constructions and technologies using modern information and automated systems.
  • Create conditions to ensure the quality of products and services at all stages of their life cycle.
  • Ensure production of the goods and services in a timely manner, in compliance with its (their) international and national standards, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Pursue efforts aimed at the prevention of potential nonconformities and their elimination in any field of activity.
  • Provide a basis for effective use of employees potential:

Create conditions for continuous improvement of activities of each employee,

Support creative activity and stimulate the achievement of each employee,

Create favorable conditions of work ( consideration towards working conditions of employees)

  • Develop a corporate culture aimed at enhancing prestige of the organization.

The management of ZAO OKB Zenith is committed to fulfill the tasks and encourages each employee to participate in the implementation of the quality policy.