ZAO OKB Zenith  in cooperation with a number of companies of aerospace industry and having extensive experience in dealing with such materials as titanium, stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant alloys, possessing modern technology of electron beam welding, plasma ion implantation, vacuum heat treatment, machining equipment of high precision is successfully engaged in manufacturing of non-standard equipment .including analogous to that produced abroad

To non-standard equipment, manufactured by 

ZAO OKB Zenith we can attribute both the newly developed equipment based on the technical specifications of the customer, and equipment, manufactured according to customer's drawings by parties limited in number .The company has in its structure an effectively operating design and engineering department able to develop new technical products, upgrade existing and start producing new items which previously were not manufactured using production facilities of the company.While the main consumer markets for the company are oil and gas production equipment and aviation equipment markets the Company manufactures products for other industrial sectors.The main consumers of non-standard equipment are mining, metallurgy, pulp and paper, energy and engineering industries.    For all these industries a wide range of machine-building products is being manufactured comprising both separate items (parts, components), and assemlies, units (apparatus and constructions of complete cycle ). As examples of non-standard equipment supplied by our Company one can mention different types of impellers, agitators, working tooling, including stamps of various sizes, cleaning machines of convection heating surfaces , hydraulic locks,dissipation candles..The quality of non standard equipment manufactured by the Company is constantly praised by our customers.The output of non-standard equipment manufactured makes 7-10% of the total turnover in value terms.

Examples of non-standard equipment 

1. Impeller for pump MHL - 10-P1.

Designed for pumping solution used in the process of bleaching pulp at paper mills. The impeller is made ??of corrosion-resistant material (stainless steel 10H18N12M3T) as is used in agressive environments.

2. The impeller for pump TRO-30.

The impeller for pump TRO-30. Designed for pumping solution used when bleaching pulp at pulp and paper mills.The impeller is made ??of corrosion-resistant materials (titanium alloy BT 1-0 ,10H17N18M2T stainless steel) as is used in aggressive environment.

Bevel wheel (Module m = 21, z = 56, steel 30HGSL)

It is used as part of the equipment used in manufacturing processes for the enrichment of breed (crushing, screening, grinding) at ore mills.

Pinion Module (m = 13, z = 64, 35L steel-II)

It is used as part of the equipment used in manufacturing processes for the enrichment of breed (crushing, screening, grinding) at ore mills.