1999 – 2000. Production of titanium-containing equipment (Smoke exhaust ducting systems, transporters and other non-standard equipment) for the Bratsk and Ust-Ilim Pulp, as well as for the Polar Division of MMC Norilsk Nickel was started.

2001-2002. A specialized design bureau to design equipment intended for horizontal and directional drilling was organized. The first products (packers, hangers, cementing clutches, etc.) were manufactured and successfully tested on order by OJSC Surgutneftegaz.

2002. A long-term cooperation with OJSC Surgutneftegaz started.

2003-2005. Components and assemblies for all types of telemetry systems used in horizontal and directional drilling went into production.

2003-2007. Equipment designed for directional and horizontal drilling went into production.

2006-2007. Organization of the service department in the company which began rendering services on completions within a separate service performed during drilling and sidetracking.

 2006 - 2007.The company went into a long-term partnership with OJSC Rosneft , TNK-BP , JSC Gazprom Neft.

2006 – 2007. Manufacturing base began to be equipped with high-performance machines. A separate section of CNC machines is set up.

2008. Further expansion of production (production area increased by 20,000 square meters, the amount of equipment increased by 250 items). The number of employees grew by 270 people.

2008. The Company was given certification for the tail completion equipment.

2009. The Company started cooperating with foreign oil service companies such as Schlumberger, Halliburton in the area of supplying equipment and providing services on completions.

2010. Getting a license to manufacture and repair ground support of aviation equipment.

2010. Auditing of the Company's production by oil company OJSC Rosneft and oilfield services company Schlumberger. The overall assessment was positive.

2011. Concluding of a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Norwegian company Aker Solutions  intending to organize the production of modern technological equipment for oil preparation (electric dehydrators, desalters, etc.) on the territory of the Russian Federation.

2011. Auditing of the Company's production by oil company TNK-BP. Getting a positive conclusion.

2012. Re-auditing by OJSC Rosneft and receiving a positive conclusion allowing to manufacture and supply equipment for oil preparation.

2012. Development and successful field testing of the equipment intended for carrying out multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (HF).

2012. Concluding the contract (as a subcontractor of the company Aker) to manufacture technological equipment for oil preparation designed for installation on the LUKOIL offshore platform at the Vladimir Filanovsky field.

2012. Signing the contract and starting manufacturing products for passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100.

2012. Getting permission to use dispersion candles and their certification.
2013. Starting a serial production of equipment for multi-step hydraulic fracturing.

2013. Obtaining a license allowing to design, produce, test and repair aviation equipment.

2013. Creating test area, allowing to test equipment manufactured for drilling using natural ingredients (cement and drilling fluids).

2014.  Purchased and put into operation five units of Metalworking equipment, including milling machining center, water jet cutting machine etc.

2014. Together with FJORDS PROCESSING CANADA INC. successfully completed an international project for the construction of process equipment systems for the cleaning and preparation of oil from the field Vladimir Filanovsky in the Caspian Sea.

2014. AO OKB Zenith has successfully passed certification for compliance with ISO 9001 and obtained the certificate of International Certification Network IQNet.

2014. The number of works on carrying out multi-stage hydraulic fracturing with the use of AO OKB Zenith equipment has increased.

2015  In accordance with the decision of the annual General Meeting of Shareholder a new version of the Company's Charter was approved and the name of the Company was changed as follows:

- the new abbreviated name: AO OKB Zenith.

2015. The release of new products:

·         mechanical-hydraulic packer for separation of intervals during multi-stage fracturing,

·         liner string equipment - with the possibility of rotation and the possibility of washing through the shoe during the descent of perforated filters.

2015. Technological re-equipment is carried out. Modern metalworking equipment is installed (waterjet machine model WJ2030-12-UJ-PJ, horizontal boring machine ReTOS W 100A), a new furnace for heat treatment, a control and measuring machine.

2015. The production of equipment for OAO Yenisei River Shipping Company  is mastered - (universal two-point hitch with round guide beam UDR-100K, wheel slopes of slip trolleys).

2015. Certification audit has been passed for compliance with the API .Q1 standards with a positive result.

2015. The first inspection audit was completed for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008  with a positive result.

2016. Developed, manufactured, tested a sleeve with the possibility of multiple opening and closing.

2016. A certificate of compliance with the requirements of the API .Q1 specification was issued (9th edition). In November, the first inspection audit of the API was passed with a positive result.

2016. The second inspection audit for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 was passed with a positive result.