“ZAO OKB Zenith is one of the few Russian companies offering a full range of services on manufacturing and engineering of complex equipment for various industries," - Shorikov D.B, CEO of ZAO OKB Zenith

.The main activity of the Company is producing equipment for horizontal directional drilling and sidetracking. A significant part of our work is unique, so before setting to work, we conduct a comprehensive study of the order to meet customer's requirements considering their financial resources. The Company can afford to fill orders of high complexity producing non-standard turn-key equipment due to availability of Design and Engineering department and an active use of deversified production base.

The Company already holds more than 15 patents for the equipment used in the field of horizontal drilling in the process of production of oil and gas.The available technical potential, in terms of proven engineering solutions and previous work experience allows us to design and manufacture equipment for specific customer requirements.

In the framework of cooperation with oil and gas companies, we have developed and currently produce on a regular basis the following equipment:

  1. Industrial equipment (shank) intended for completion of sidetrack wells in production casings of 139, 146, 168 and 178 mm, used in horizontal directional drilling ( design documentation is available and production of tooling for production casing of 178 mm is in progress).
  2. The elements and components of telemetry systems that are compatible with the imported telemetry systems with hydraulic communication channel.
  3. Equipment for oil and gas fields.
  4. Non-standard equipment.

The company provides a complete technological support of its products. Individual approach to every client, responsiveness, availability of equipment in warehouses are peculiar features of the Company's Service Department. 

Manufacturing equipment for oil and gas industry is not the only activity of  ZAO OKB Zenith. Steam sooting blowers and water lance blowers as well as pumping stations for them are manufactured and supplied for Energy industry.

The Company have manufactered a system of invironmentally friendly high-temperature thermal destruction and disposal of waste that allows to process up to 100 kg / h of medical waste of class A, B, C and partly D, biological and bio-organic waste as well as solid municipal waste and industrial waste.

In the framework of the state contract with JSC Sukhoy Company  to manufacture and supply ground support equipment for aviation industry the following equipment was produced and got through the process of military standardisation:

  1. Towing Tractors*
  2. Trap to work with suspended equipment
  3. Trap to work behind the cable compartment
  4. Trap to get onto the plane of the wing flap.
  5. Folding stepladder.

* The equipment is designed for towing aircraft by towing the front landing gear by a tractor on the concrete surface both the nose forward and tail first. The design of tractors provides protection of aircraft landing gear from damage in case of excess of tractive force or torque rotation.To quench the jerks and jolts the tractor is equipped with shock absorber.

The total range of products manufactured for the Sukhoy Company  includes more than 25 items. 

Choosing our company as a manufacturer of such equipment proves a high level of equipment and the organization of production in ZAO OKB Zenith.