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Demanded specialties
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The practical work in the company

HR policy

Human resources is the main value of the Company, and competent personnel and social policy pursued by the Company is the main factor providing competitiveness, development and growth of the Company.

The basic components of Personnel Management Policy:

  • Hiring young and motivated people, creating conditions for realization of their potential and capabilities;
  • training, development and planning of human resources;
  • creation of an effective system of remuneration;
  • continuous improvement of productivity.

In the framework of Personnel Management Policy employees are trained, retrained, go into other and related professions, improve their professional skills and habits . Workers of the Company have the opportunity to be trained, receive additional training in accordance with the Plan of professional development of employees.

Ensuring health care and labour safety are among the priorities of social policy. For this purpose employees have periodically health examinations and their workplaces are certified. In addition, within framework of social policy employees visit fitness centers.

The Company provide material support to young families, pensioners and veterans of the Company and employees who get in difficult life situations.

It is not easy to work in our Company but we strive to create an environment for personal and professional growth of employees .The company is constantly growing and improving,new designs and technologies are developed and introduced , so we are open to cooperation with initiative specialists who are able and willing to develop and introduce modern work technologies .

To our employees, we offer a good salary, which depends on the results of their work.

Demanded specialities

There are popular specialities in ZAO OKB Zenith which are always in demand in our Company:

  • Laboratory Technician of spectral analysis
  • Mechanical assembly worker
  • Operator of programmable machines
  • Turner
  • Process Engineer (Leading Engineer)
  • Design engineer (leading design engineer)
  • Engineer PDO (production and technical department)
  • Engineer to supervise after sales service
  • Electrical equipment repair and maintennace electrician 

Job openings

  • Leading Design Engineer
  • Process Engineer

Practical work in the Company

ZAO OKB Zenith provides an opportunity of practical work for students of higher and specialized secondary educational institutions.
We accept students of the following specialties:

  • Engineering Technology
  • Rocket engines
  • Missilery
  • Aircraft Control Systems
  • Automated control systems.
  • Apprenticeship is also provided for trades.

If you are studying in the field of engineering and machine building and are planning to make a career in this field, come to the Company for practical work and apprenticeship and you can be sure that the future belongs to engineerimg and machinebuilding.

To be admitted for practical work and apprenticeship apply in advance to Human Resources department.


Human Resource Department is located at:
660018 Krasnoyarsk ,Alexeeva 22, office of ZAO OKB Zenith
Phone: 8 (391) 275 22 57, 297 89 35
Opening hours : 9:00a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (lunchtime 12.30 a.m.- 1.30 p.m.)